Digging for Treasure

I just realized, and appreciate, how relevant my old song "Treasures" seems these days. It will be on the CD when it arrives, but you can read the lyrics now (and hear it live this Sunday).

Check out verse 2 for its Nostrodamus-like uncanniness for prediction. (Oooooh!) Then please see what inner support you derive from the rest of the words during our outwardly tight times.

I wrote "Treasures" long ago, during my early days as a holistic bodyworker, massage therapist and teacher (Yes, I still practice in NYC.) at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA. The song emerged in response to a client who felt he didn't have resources to meet his challenges. The Muses actually started me composing, spontaneously and inwardly, during his session, while coaching him on what became the main themes of both his session and the song. (My inner helper/healer and songwriter are both very dedicated... and apparently adept at multi-tasking!)

I can usually relate today, in 2008, in the midst of the economy melting and my own personal challenges. But, back then, I would sometimes moan and groan about my troubles (which we all need to do here and there) to my old friend, Satya, who would compassionately and patiently listen to me kvetch for a while. Finally, invariably, she'd say, "Bruce, go home and read your own lyrics. You'll know exactly what you need to do. It's all in there." Bingo. Now as then. (Thanks again, Satya.)

Not to minimize our tests in the least, but we all have surprising resources to tap, within and together. For its timeliness, I plan to dust off "Treasures" this Sunday, October 26 at a benefit for Sloan Wainwright and George McTavey (performing alongside the treasure-filled Fred Arcoleo, Jane Babits, Cadence Carroll, Toby Fagenson, Kelly Flint, Julie Gold, Chris Kunstadter, Glen Roethel and Watershed). Come and celebrate your own treasures – both the internal ones and the external ones flourishing on this miraculous earth and in community!

Meanwhile... Q: • What and where are your treasures? • How do you access them and take solace from them? • How do you use your treasures for yourself ...and to support others? A: Please share your wealth via your comments, below. (A secret: Participation may be the greatest and easiest treasure of them all.)

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